Vesta Benefits Group is a health care benefits practice committed to the expansion of access to job based coverage.

Vesta Benefits Group is Your Insurance Resource

We serve as a technical resource on benefit issues, providing information, education, products, guidance and enrollment services to employers and their employees. Vesta is also a community resource for employers and employees to compare costs and discover options. It’s our job to help consumers navigate the health system and save them money.

Vesta will provide personal attention because that’s what matters. When it comes to healthcare, no service is more personal, no service is more intimate and no service is more expensive. Health insurance plan selection is an important personal decision that does not have to be made alone as a poor decision on plan selection can have devastating consequences.

About Allen Wishner

Allen Wishner, the Proprietor, served 8 years on the Board of Directors of the Employers’ Council on Flexible Compensation, a 35 year old Washington D.C. trade association dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of employee benefit plans on a tax-advantaged basis. Allen holds the designation of being certified in flexible compensation instruction (CFCI) and has been a pioneer in the advancement of consumer directed health care (CDHC) plans.

The team at Vesta has 43 years experience in the employer-sponsored, individual and Medicare marketplaces.

Vesta is committed to improving health care efficiencies and affordability with improved access, services and better customer experiences that will result in higher plan adoptions and lower health care costs. We understand that a thriving middle class isn’t possible without controlling health care costs. We know that with the right mix of education, employer and employee responsibility and plan design, restraining health costs can be achieved.

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